When Angels Fall


True love is unconditional. It blossoms without demand, rules or expectations.

An ideal exists that we must have true love to be happy, but how can a heart understand or indeed want this sentiment unless it is experienced first-hand by the self? So much time is spent loving others and presenting ourselves as someone else’s ideal, that the sense of self-worth is over-shadowed by what others believe to be worthy.

To love is to feel complete; to feel whole. Forming a cocoon of quiet tranquillity allows the spirit to rest and nurture itself outside of the world’s demands, creating a pure and satisfying sensation of wholeness and inner true love.

The Surrender of Boundaries


Sometimes you just need to let go.

Whether it’s the fear of an unfortunate outcome, expectations of a relationship or the disappointment of failure; holding on to something that doesn’t bring you happiness will only cause you further anguish.

Open up your heart to the endless possibilities. Surrender the barriers that confine you within your mind. How can you have space for something new if you are already full of the old?

Do not drown in the beauty of an ideal. Be open to new opportunities by letting the negative fall away from your body like a red chiffon dress.

Beyond the scope of human imagination. The protection of Michael.


There is no concrete evidence that Angels exist, similarly there is no evidence that they do not.

Many minds are limited by needing to see something for it to be real, yet there is so much life in the universe that remains hidden. Opening the mind to understand that there is more to existence than that which we create ourselves allows us to accept and appreciate infinite possibilities.

There will always be dark days, as there will always be bright ones, but the smallest of comforts can be found in any situation. Trusting someone is there for you, protecting and nurturing you – no matter what form they may take – is only a mindset away.

Reality can extend to realms and worlds beyond the scope of human imagination.



The horizon is a place full of hope, promise and possibility. Like the fresh start of a new day it holds a certain fascination as to what it may bring. It is tempting to look toward the horizon and prepare for what may come, watching and waiting for it to manifest from a place of comfort and safety.

Staring at the horizon will not bring it closer to you, nor will it give clues as to what may lie on the other side.

Learning to Dance in the Rain


With every day brings a new challenge, like a storm clouding over a tranquil azure sky. It will whirlwind around you, all encompassing, until the time comes for it to move onward, progressing along its chosen path.

The storm will not listen to your pleading it to stop. It will not change course just because you want it to. A storm moves of its own free will.

Do not waste time waiting for the storm to pass – learn how to dance in the rain.

The Abject Misery of Wanting


Red is the colour of love, passion and desire; it is also the colour of danger, anger and jealousy.

On the surface these emotions appear conflicting, but look deeper and understand that they are so intimately connected.

The danger of wanting love does not lay in the desires of the heart, but in the need for another soul to cling to.

“Abject misery lies not in what the blanket reveals, but in what it hides.”
― Steven Erikson, Dust of Dreams