About Me

I had a passion for the visual arts from a young age and received my bachelor’s degree from the University for the Creative Arts in 2004, where I studied Editorial and Advertising Photography. My commercial freelance career began in 2013 when I was commissioned by a local gym to complete a set of murals as part of their refurbishment project.

Early Career

I immersed myself in the creative world from an early age and had a fondness for life drawing and the female form. Despite having a strong interest in the arts, I was encouraged by society to focus my intentions on having a ‘career’, so following completion of my degree and a short stint in Wedding Photography, my talents remained merely a hobby.

Becoming a mother was an incredible experience for me and having dedicated a number of years to raising my children, I combined motherhood with the role of Graphic Designer for The Essential Childminder Magazine, created and published by my sister, who worked in the Early Years Education sector. The e-magazine offered advice and support to the home childcare profession in the form of monthly publications and it was my artistic editorial that motivated a web development company to offer me a position in 2013 as junior web designer.

Commercial Career


I enjoyed working in web design and digital media, but when an opportunity arose through a client to create a ‘Tour de France’ style painting across two walls in the spin room of a local gym, incorporating UV paint to glow under black light, I couldn’t resist the challenge.

Working on a gym mural  Spin Room

The brief expanded to a further 9 murals throughout the gymnasium and more mural work in a local pub followed this project. After completion I began to accept small commissions, drawing portraits, creating bespoke tattoos and designing promotional material.

In 2014 a career opportunity arose within a firm of accountants for me to finally embrace the corporate world as a Digital Marketing Executive and in the same year I enrolled on a CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing with Cambridge Marketing College. Mid 2015 I was promoted to Creative and Digital Marketing Manager following a review of my role within the company.

Outside of work I continued to paint in my free time and my freelance portfolio grew significantly, including many Graphic and Web Design projects. My passion for the visual arts has gone from strength to strength and, having found my voice through painting, I often turns to my canvases as a form of freedom from the limitations of every day life.

Artistic Abstract

Although my early work was largely freehand, I use stencils on occasion to portray the separation between emotion, reality and the ideal.  During my journey, life has thrown a number of tough emotional roller coasters my way and it’s these challenges that give the depth and inspiration to my work. I often begin painting with my bare hands, pouring raw emotion and sensation into backgrounds which appear dark and troubled. I do, however, refuse to allow this darkness to settle and always strive to turn my images into something beautiful.

When Angels Fall

When Angels Fall

The incorporation of human figures offers a way for me to communicate the reality of my emotion, but the paintings never show the complete structure. This results in the fact that I can easily translate my imagination and understanding without being hindered by the historical reality. By referencing romanticism, sensation and symbolism, I objectify emotions and explore the contrast that develops through different interpretations.

“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” – Edward Hopper

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